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Google Workspace Features

Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) is a strong cloud-based collaboration and productivity tool that ensures a business works efficiently. Trusted by more than 5 million active users, it is designed for your workplace. Buy Google Workspace from Pixaar - An authorised Google Workspace reseller which will help you with all the professional support needed during the setup phase.
  • Easy Collaboration With Google Docs
    Google Docs helps a team to collaborate anytime, anywhere. A team can revise, and manage a doc together in real-time.
  • Merge Data On Sheets

    Combine your entire data in a single “Sheet” with IMPORTRANGE function. It is recommended to import data rather than merely copying it.

  • Extract Valuable Work Insights
    The Work Insights dashboard helps a user to generate information and manage work in a better way. This tool helps to generate analysis, reports, etc.
  • Close Caption In Google Slides
    “Closed captioning” feature enables Slides to transcribe whatever a user speaks on the slide. Click on Present and Closed Captioning.
  • Smart Compose On
    A predictive writing suggestion feature that enables Gmail to autocomplete email as a user composes. It auto-fills in commonly used sentences, etc.
  • Security And Compliance
    Google Workspace security platform is designed to detect threats that can affect cloud-based apps. This is trusted by businesses to enable optimum higher security.

Benefits of Google Workspace

On expanding upon the ownership of the email account, Google Workspace can help companies increase workplace productivity and eliminate inefficiencies
A user can store, access, manage, and share data files safely with Google Workspace. It ensures to safeguard the business data even when it is lost.
You can easily share Google documents or data files with anyone. You can also restrict another person’s accessibility by enabling view-only access.
It provides unlimited storage for your applications, data, files, docs, media, etc. This will help a user to store everything they need.
The suite plans are economical and with a subscription, users can use features such as eDiscovery capabilities, unlimited data storage, etc. Pay as you need.
With Google Workspace (GSuite), a company gets ownership of the email accounts. Instead of using name@gmail.com, a user will be able to use a custom email address at a domain (name@yourcompany.com).
Google Workspace is compatible and highly synced with CRM solutions. This enables seamless communication and reporting where companies can track leads, prospects, etc.


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  • What is a Google Workspace User or License?

    Google Workspace user can be defined as one personalized email address (yourname@company.com) whereas Group email aliases such as sales@company.com or support@company.com are included in Google Workspace pricing and don’t count as additional users.

  • What are the different Google Workspace payment options available?
    A user can transfer payment via Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, Razorpay, Cheque/Demand Draft, and NEFT/RTGS modes.
  • How does Gmail in Google Workspace differ from free Gmail?
    Paid Google Workspace plans to provide you with several features and integrations not available in the free consumer version of the apps. It includes custom business email @yourcompany, unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, twice the storage of free Gmail, customized logo branding for your company, zero ads, 24/7 support, Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and more.
  • Why buy Google Workspace from Pixaar when I can directly buy it from Google?

    Google offers Google Workspace at a similar price. However, Pixaar is a Google Cloud Premier Partner in India and when you buy Google Workspace from us, you will get local partner support for integration, deployment, data migration, and training if required.

  • How much storage do I get with Drive?

    Each user gets 30GB of cloud storage shared across Drive and Gmail. You can upgrade to unlimited storage (accounts with fewer than 5 users get 1TB/user) for an additional fee.

  • Does Google Workspace have an email sending limit?

    Each account user can send 2,000 emails per day and if the mail account reaches the limit, the account will temporarily be unable to send an email. However, you can still access your Google Workspace account and receive an email. After this suspension period, sending limits will automatically get reset and the user can start sending emails.

  • Can I import or migrate my existing email and contacts to Google Workspace?

    Yes, while moving to Google Workspace from another application or service, like Microsoft Outlook, you can migrate your old mail, contacts, and calendar data with you. We have a variety of options for migrating data into Google Workspace, depending on the size of the data in your organization.

  • Do I need to use third-party tools to keep my data secure within Google?

    Without using third-party tools, Google offers the security features required for most customers directly in Google Workspace. Google Workspace’s Business and Enterprise editions offer additional security features, like advanced Google Drive auditing and security keys management at scale. In all the plans, Google Workspace admin has control over system configuration and applications from a single dashboard through our Admin console —regardless of the size of the organization.

  • Do I need to have a domain for activating a Google Workspace account?

    Email service will only work with valid registered domain and up-to-date MX records. If you don’t have a domain, we will help you buy the domain of your choice and then set up Google Workspace for you. Domain cost is not included in Google Workspace. For instance when Email messages sent to an address with an expired domain would bounce back to the sender with a notification that the message was undelivered.

  • If I only want one of the products, do I have to buy the entire suite?

    Yes. Google Workspace is an all-in-one solution that works together. You cannot buy a single app as a standalone product.

  • Is the meeting content secure in Google Meet?

    All the meeting video and audio streams are encrypted. Users can join securely even when they are off-site.

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