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Political Campaigns

Political Campaigns

Over the years, Pixaar has worked with several politicians across the country to manage their social media activities.

The Political Campaigns by Pixaar aims at empowering political parties and candidates in attracting potential voters. Our expertise lies in providing web and mobile based political marketing services that includes digital marketing, social media marketing social profiles management, online networking, online presence management, and digital campaign management.
What differentiates us from other digital marketing companies is the fact that we are a full-service political digital marketing agency in Patna, Bihar, India that is passionately dedicated to empower political clients with quirky, smart, and effective digital marketing and social media campaigns to augment their overall online branding and help them in electoral campaigns.
Why Pixaar?

Why Pixaar for Political Campaigns?

  • Our Strategy is based on the extensive ground research.
  • Our Campaigns are ROI driven.
  • Dedicated team for each campaigns which gives speed to the campaigns.
  • Confidentiality in managing the campaigns.
  • 24 X 7 monitoring and analysis of the social media accounts.
  • Detailed reporting and time bound planning.
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